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dealership Service Department Manager

Key Benefits

We are excited to discuss the prospect of working with like-minded companies.  When you employ Adams Logistics, you are not just hiring a delivery company, you are engaging a partner as an extension of your brand. With our presence comes a guarantee that your parts are delivered in a timely and professional manner, which allows your Parts Department to focus on sales and building a foundation with your customers.  We appreciate that timely delivery and consistency are imperative to car shops, and Adams Logistics is perfectly situated to help you build the trust and confidence needed to grow your Parts Department into a revenue-generating department. 


Here are some of the key benefits we bring to the table:

Driver Consistency

Logistics-based routes allow our drivers to focus on your supply chain, while also establishing relationships and accountability with your customers. In this sense, we become your partner, and not just a delivery service.


We take these burdens off  of your staff by having a pool of fully insured and qualified alternate drivers in place - available at a moment’s notice.  You, and more importantly your customers, will not notice any delays. We provide both the reliability and accountability you need.

Parts Department Growth

Our concierge-style service will not only deliver your products on time, we also are able to help with in-store transfers, statewide deliveries, and special deliveries, including deliveries of oversized products in our Sprinter Vans.  At the end of the day, we will go that extra mile for you!

Employee Costs

By partnering with Adams Logistics, you are specifically hiring for the skills and work that needs to be done, without the risk of hiring permanent employees, who require yet more employees to provide oversight and direction.  Long term labor costs are reduced, there are no worries about hiring or firing, and our staff provides an instant impact to your Parts Department with the flexibility you need.  In turn, you are able to focus on your primary brand and service department.

Positive Brand Reputation

Adams Logistics is here to serve YOU, and help maintain the favorable image you desire.  Our drivers proudly wear uniform-style polo shirts with our company logo.  We also ensure that our drivers consistently maintain clean, professional vans with our logo displayed on the side. We strive to uphold the standards that a premium dealership deserves. 


Adams Logistics will build a delivery system that enables you to recover any lost sales, and create a profit center for your dealership.  The automobile repair industry knows that dealers provide the best price on parts. Unfortunately, they are often unable to ensure adequate or timely delivery, and are simply not able to arrange for their own pick-up.  We solve that challenge by creating a reliable and consistent source for delivery of your products. 

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